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Langeveld Racing

passion for dirt


We have racing experience since 2005, ware Pieter made his debut in the junior class at Texel.

Our team

Our team is Our most valuable esset, without them and their knowledge and now how we would not be ware we are.


Preforming is what we do no more no less, we always will go for the win!

The new look

The new look of the H15

this new beautiful design made by CS race paint is one of the many designs Coen Slot did for Langeveld Racing. Check out the rest of the designs in the archive.


The history of Langeveld Racing all starts whit Arnold Langeveld. Arnold made is debut in the mid 80’s in the stockcar class of course it Al lot different from nowadays but like every sport it has to start somewhere.

We always like your support

If you would like to tribute or sponsor our team let us know. We really appreciate and value our sponsors.

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engine and setting specialist

Kees Rijk

mechanical engineer and setting specialist

Arjan Koorn

mechanic and teyr specialist

Stefan Maas

see you on track!

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